Chemical Management app

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Provide chemical information, ensure a safe and compliant workplace with a easy app and simple database.

For environmentally friendly companies, organizations

and government authorities.

NFC & Barcode search

Save chemical info

* as text file

* on database

* on NFC tag, card

Chemical app
Chemical app

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* Provide chemical information on products that harm the environment

   for ordinary human beings and employed persons.

* Easy to use of the app system for both expert and others involved.

* Store product information on your mobile device for offline use.

* It is easy and fast to write and read the NFC tag, card with smart phone.

* The quick and easy availability of information from chemical products.

* Quickly view where inventory is assigned within your company location.

* Scan barcode and search.

* Simple database registration including H-phrases, CAS number and ...

Target groups  All companies that manufacture, import or use chemical

  products have the use of the app. Organizations and government authorities

Simple database register that contains information about the chemical products, Barcode/ID, chemical names, H-phrases, CAS number, health hazard classification, location, etc.

EU countries have long been in a common policy on chemicals. It embodies legislative acts that constitute EU legislation. Most legal acts on chemicals are harmonized, which means that no country may in principle deviate from them. In some cases, Member States have the opportunity to apply stricter rules. Acts, mainly EU directives and EU regulations, regulate:

How to assess hazards and hazards with chemicals?

How to classify and label chemicals?

Restrictions on the use of chemicals.

Limitations on the use of pesticides.