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Building a Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi Controlled Car

Android app control / Keypad


This robot is one of the simplest robots you can build and

uses two DC motors to control a pair of wheels.


There are no sensors or other inputs to the robot,

it will just follow a set of instructions in Python code that

tell the robot how to move.

You could add a usb camera to get a photo or add sensors

to detect objects around the Pi.


Parts, Hardware

You'll need the following parts to build this car:

* Raspberry Pi Model 2, B+, or A+

* L298 DC Motor Driver Board

* DC motor kit

* Mini Wi-Fi Module (Pi B, A+, B+, pi2)

* Battery - power supply, Small USB Battery Pack

The motors need a separate power supply from the Pi


There are two python script versions, a keypad test [ ]

and others for the Android app RaspiROBO [ ]

The script should be run on Raspberry pi.

Please read the instruction.pdf file to configure hotspot

on the phone and network settings on the Raspberry pi.



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