Olof Palmes gatan 20

Stockholm, Sweden

H Dozin

Software Developer



Mid Sweden University

1997 Information Technology

2012 MCITP

1990 Programming & System Analysis




APPSWED AB appswed.com



PrintDreams AB

Prototype development

HCMS project



Xerox , Vattenfall

Documentum , VB6, Oracle

Document Management System

We need venture capital for product development and marketing.


We have developed four unique app systems and need a capital

injection for development and marketing purposes. 2018-05-25


The apps can be demonstrated to potential investors, customers under NDA.

Appropriate and complementary apps for

CRM, CMS, G2C, communication and collaboration platform.


📹 rtcTALK app

WebRTC Android

Audio and video communication app



👨‍💻 NOTEdecrypt

Note encryption with password

Multiple-step encryption

with different passwords


📝Write 🎤Speak voice to text

📲 Read NFC tag, card

encrypt & decrypt

📱 Save on phone, server or NFC tag

📠 Print or Share



📷 LedCamEvi Evidence

Capture, add your location address,GPS

voice to text, Write and save all data

on your photo as evidence.

Share photos to insurance

companies and other authorities.

📱 NFC Chemical Management





Managing chemical products inventory and ensure a safe and compliant workplace with

a simple and easy app and database.

For environmentally friendly companies,

organizations and government authorities.



We develop for the

Android market

Raspberry Pi

Arduino prototyping

RaspberryPi Robot + APP Arduino Navi on paper Raspi QR reader Arduino servo

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