App Development ... Apps under construction and development.


We have developed four unique app systems and need a capital injection

for development and marketing purposes. 2018-05-25


The apps can be demonstrated to potential investors, customers under NDA.


Appropriate and complementary apps for

CRM, CMS, G2C, communication and collaboration platform.

LedCamEvi Evidence

Capture, add your location address, GPS

voice to text, Write and save all data

on your photo as evidence.

Share photos to insurance companies

and other authorities.


Note encryption with password

Multiple-step encryption

with different passwords


📝Write 🎤Speak 📲 Read NFC tag, card

encrypt & decrypt

📱 Save on phone, server or NFC

📠 Print or Share

rtcTALK app

WebRTC Android

Audio and video communication app

NFC Chemical Management


Managing chemical products inventory and ensure

a safe and compliant workplace with a simple and

easy app and database.

For environmentally friendly companies,

organizations and government authorities.

App for downloading

NFC RW RaspiROBO LedCam Android & iPhone Android Android

NFC RW iPhone Only compatible on iPhones 7 and up.

Easy Read, Print NFC tag, card

📝Read 🎤Speak 📠 Print

Print, share note

NFC RW Android

Easy Read, Write, Print NFC tag, card

📝 Read 📝Write 🎤Speak 📱 Save 📠 Print

Save notes to Phone, NFC tag, card


Building a Raspberry Pi Controlled Car

Build your own robot and control it with the RaspiROBO app


This robot is one of the simplest robots you can build and

uses two DC motors to control a pair of wheels. More...

LedCam Easy Camera

Camera flash app which you can take pictures

where there a low light/dark with Flashlight.



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