App Development Apps under construction and development.

We have developed four unique app systems and need a capital injection for development and marketing purposes.


The apps can be demonstrated to potential investors, customers under NDA.

Appropriate and complementary apps

for CRM, CMS, G2C, communication

and collaboration platform.

Chemical app
Chemical app

Next generation communication platform

Quick, safe, reliable important relevant information and feedback.




under construction and development.

NFC RW RaspiROBO LedCam Android & iPhone Android Android

NFC RW iPhone

Easy Read, Print NFC tag, card 📝Read 🎤Speak 📠 Print

NFC RW Android

Easy Read, Write, Print NFC tag, card 📝 Read 📝Write 🎤Speak 📱 Save 📠 Print


Building a Raspberry Pi Controlled Car

Build your own robot and control it with the RaspiROBO app More...

LedCam Easy Camera

Camera flash app which you can take pictures where there a low light/dark with Flashlight.

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